California Gov. Gavin Newsom was subjected to mockery after he posted a video touting his “record-breaking tourism numbers” in his state.

In the video made at the Golden Gate Bridge, Newsom began, “So, I’m up here on the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. A testament to America’s greatness… California’s greatness and we couldn’t be more proud to announce today record-breaking tourism numbers in the state of California.”

“Over $150 billion of tourism spent, unprecedented in our state’s history. If you haven’t had the chance to see the magnificence, the beauty of our great state, it’s time to visit California,” he added.

Critics quickly took to X to either crack jokes on how the governor seems to be suspended high in the air in the video or how he chose to tout high tourism numbers forgetting issues like crime, homelessness and inflation plaguing California.

“Is the @CAgovernor also Spider-Man?” a user asked.

“So illegal aliens and drug users are now tourist @GavinNewsom?” a second user wrote.

“People are fleeing to other states because you turned cali into a cesspool. Nobody wants to live near tent cities with drug addicts and literal crime,” a third person commented.

Another user pointed out that the so-called tourism numbers were bolstered by the illegal aliens coming into the country. “You are calling the millions of illegals invading California tourists?” the user wrote.

“Having illegals cross your border by the thousands doesn’t count as ‘Tourism’….,” another user wrote.

Newsom’s video comes after his office released new data on Sunday that showed the state continues to have the largest market share of tourism in the United States.

“From our world-renowned coastline, to the world’s tallest trees, to our iconic cities and theme parks, California is the nation’s coming attraction. Visitors from all over the world are coming here to experience the wonder of the Golden State, boosting our economy and creating good-paying jobs for years to come,” Newsom stated.

However, his math was disputed by California Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones who said, “Newsom touts a record-breaking $150.4 billion in tourism spending for 2023, supposedly surpassing the pre-pandemic figure of $144.9 billion in 2019. However, when adjusted for inflation, tourism spending would have to be a staggering $173 billion to beat the 2019 number.”

“Of course, everything costs more in California thanks to ‘Gavinomics,’ and of course, his statistics don’t take that into account. It’s more smoke and mirrors as usual with this governor. Rather than chasing headlines with deceiving statistics, he should spend some time actually fixing California and our multiple crises like homelessness, affordability and crime,” Jones added.

California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher also disputed the governor’s touted numbers, saying, “These numbers are as phony as Gavin’s baseball career – when you factor in inflation (like normal people have to), tourism is down 14% on his watch. Crime and homelessness have become the California brand, and no amount of spin from Newsom will change that.