House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green (R-TN), who was set to retire from Congress, said this week that he will not be retiring anymore. The reason for his change of mind? Appeals by former President Donald Trump and others.

Announcing the reversal of his decision on Thursday, said that he has “received countless calls from constituents, colleagues, and President Trump urging me to reconsider.”

According to him, he was “reminded of the words of General McArthur on a statue at West Point: ‘Duty, honor, country.’ I realized once again: I had a duty to my country to fulfill.”

This changed the former military officer’s mind even though he had a “strong desire to leave Congress.”

Before Green’s announcement, Trump praised him in a post to Truth Social.

“Mark Green has had lots of options because of his political talents, and the great job he has done as a Congressman, but given the fantastic work he’s doing as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, I hope he runs for Re-Election to the U.S. House of Representatives. If he does, he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he wrote.

Green announced his decision to retire in February, saying that the United States and Congress were both “broken beyond most means of repair.”

“I have come to realize our fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington. As I have done my entire life, I will continue serving this country — but in a new capacity.

He had announced his planned retirement a day after the House voted to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Green is not the only House Republican to make a decision to stay in Congress after announcing the intention of retiring. Last month, Rep. Victoria Spartz (-IN) reversed her plan to retire and revealed that she will be seeking reelection.

“As someone who grew up under tyranny, I understand the significance of these challenging times for our Republic, and if my fellow Hoosiers and God decide, I will be honored to continue fighting for them,” she said in a turnaround from her initial decision to retire which she announced last February.