While published reports claimed President Joe Biden would be using the weekend to reconsider his 2024 presidential campaign, another report said that any such discussion will have to wait until after a family photo shoot with famed Vogue photographer Annie Leibovitz.

But New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers updated this story, informing us that X had been scheduled for a family photo shoot on one of these weekends (with the now-convicted First Son Hunter Biden and his tribe).

A few minutes later, he wrote: “Camp David: Biden family spent morning not having a summit but in hair and makeup for a shoot with Annie Leibovitz, Vogue photog who shot Biden/Obama/Clinton in March then suggested doing something informal with the Bidens. Family suggested this week, bc Hunter & family in town.”

Reporters and critics were not impressed by the Bidens’ plans, especially after his poor debate performance this past Thursday. Many pointed out that the date had supposedly been fixed to suit Hunter Biden and his family.

“Love that we have to have these Succession-like charades so that corrupt political dynasties can decide in hair and makeup whether millions of people get to live,” another wrote online.

The photo shoot was part of the weekend’s schedule and that there was a pre-planned Biden family meeting, at which NBC reported turned to a serious evaluation of Biden’s re-election prospects post-debate on Thursday.

“Will they include Hunter’s other daughter, Navy, in the Biden family shoot or continue to pretend she does not exist?” another asked.

The public reaction to the timing of photo shoot during a crucial juncture in politics has been intense. The debate and the aftermath stick, that together with a planned family photo session is sure to focus attention on what many critics believe are misplaced priorities of barely over midway through President Biden’s fractured campaign.