In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump has voiced concerns over President Biden’s foreign policy, particularly in relation to the ongoing Iran-Israel conflict. On Monday, Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to issue a dire warning regarding the situation.

Trump’s central prediction is that if Iran successfully amasses nuclear weapons, Biden may find himself in a position of vulnerability, where he might “beg Iran for mercy.” The former president is unequivocal in his stance that such a scenario must be prevented at all costs, as it appears Biden is not conscious of the danger Iran poses.

“Would somebody please inform our WORST President in history, Crooked Joe Biden, who doesn’t have a clue, that while he dithers around and illegally attacks his political opponent, ME, and is always trying to blame everyone else for the MANY, MANY, MANY mistakes he has made, IRAN IS RAPIDLY BUILDING A LARGE SCALE ARSENAL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS,” Trump wrote.

“Once they have them, which will be soon, all negotiations STOP. That’s when our incompetent fool of a President will drop to his knees and beg IRAN for mercy. ‘Please, Please, Please, Mr. Ayatollah, SIR, I will give you everything, I will do anything you demand. Don’t hurt us!’” he added.

“They started the attack on Israel and desperately want to become openly involved,” Trump said, referring to Iran’s perceived involvement in Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel. As he pointed to the disturbing chants of “Death to Israel” from Iranian quarters, Trump’s message to his followers is clear and resounding: “DON’T LET IRAN HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!”

The GOP 2024 presidential candidate has pointed to how Biden’s administration has favored Iran, making the nation “rich” after the Trump administration left it “broke” and without any “nuclear weapons or prospects.”

For him and many critics of Biden’s foreign policy, his decision to make a $6 billion dollar trade with Iran is ridiculous.

Those on the left, however, are refusing to accept that Biden’s lax policies gave way to the unprecedented attack in Israel that left more than 1,400 people dead.

Biden, in a Sunday interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” claimed that there is currently “no evidence” to suggest that Iran had prior knowledge of Hamas’ attack on Israel or played a role in planning it.

He also issued what was supposed to be a stern warning to Iran, reiterating, “Don’t. Don’t, don’t, don’t” interfere in the ongoing conflict.