Growing distrust of educational institutions in the United States has led more young men to opt out of college at a historically high rate. This trend has been in progress for some time, and it is now increasing with an increase.

But even this industry is slowing. There are some concerning signs, and the true financial implications are seemingly not yet accounted for. 

Nowadays, countless college graduates with degrees are working in less desirable jobs. Once-revered universities have started following short-term profits instead of ensuring education quality, and the political agenda-led academic pursuits are arms. Some of the trends were elaborated on in recent reports.

Census data showed that women are now more likely than men to hold college degrees; they earn 56% of law school degrees, over half of medical and pharmacy graduates (64.4% in this case) – a pattern which is projected to continue through the class entering med schools for the year ending August 2024.

A global comparative study in 2015 found that girls now outperform boys educationally around the world, irrespective of national wealth and equality between sexes – be they equal or unequal economically/politically/ legally.

This shift in educational attainment is not necessarily bad, as it simply illustrates the abilities of many highly influential women in its workforce. 

According to analysis from experts, girls performed better because they had higher GPAs. This may be why Dr. Jordan Peterson often points out the fact that agreeable students get better grades, denoting they are higher in extraction and thus less creative, generally speaking, which should be intuitive to realize. 

Personality variables like agreeableness can impact academic attainment. Research says boys do better with male teachers, yet women are more than 89% of elementary school teachers, and this also leads to a slow start for little fellows- particularly without fathers. This falling back of men’s education seems deliberate.