Former President Trump scored better than current President Biden in their Thursday night presidential debate, new polling told Fox News.

Among 500 registered voters surveyed by Schoen Cooperman Research, a majority of those who watched or were aware of the debate said Trump won (51%) while just 23% thought Biden was victorious.

Elsewhere, 14% were unable to separate the two in their eyes and a further 12% said they did not know.

Among those voters who said the performance was worse than they expected, over half (56%) felt that way about Biden while just 17% said so of Trump.

A larger share of voters felt that Trump’s performance was “more presidential” in contrast to Biden. Voter worries over the fitness of both candidates for office moved in Trump’s favor, though Biden managed to increase them.

Since the debate, the Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial board has urged Biden to exit the 2024 race, asserting “Retirement is now required.” Several diplomats around the world have also weighed in on the debate.

With all the harsh criticism, the Biden administration has gone into damage control mode and has been downplaying concerns.

Despite the administration’s efforts, the survey noted that 73% of voters allegedly exited the debate “more concerned” about Biden’s age and fitness to be president.

With regard to Trump, 39% who expressed concern that he would be “chaotic, out of control and not have the right character for president” were less concerned about this after the debate (30%).

As unpopular as both candidates were with voters, Biden’s negatives outweigh Trump: 53% of Americans viewed Biden “unfavorably” while 50% looked at Trump in such terms.

“Trump is the clear winner of the debate as he was able to both improve perceptions of him and exceed expectations of how he would perform. Critically, he did much better at neutralizing his biggest weakness — appearing chaotic and out of control — while Biden’s performance exacerbated concerns about his age and fitness to serve as President,” pollster Carly Cooperman told The Post.

The poll was split evenly with 36% of respondents each identifying as either Democrat or Republican. Another quarter said they were “independent.”

This survey piggybacked a report of CNN aired in the past week where Trump crushed his opponent on that network.