MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi said on Thursday that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ case against former President Donald Trump is over. Polisi’s declaration follows a bombshell revelation that Willis did not tell the court the truth about when her romantic involvement with her special prosecutor Nathan Wade began.

A witness, a former Fulton County DA employee who had been “close” friends with Willis since their college days, testified in court Thursday that Willis got into a relationship with Wade even before she became Fulton County’s DA and before she hired him in 2021 for the case against Trump. According to the witness, the affair between the two went on from 2019 to at least 2022.

However, Willis and Wade claimed in a filing that their relationship began in 2022.

The revelation might spell trouble for Willis and take her off the case, Polisi said.

Assessing the case in detail, she stated, “Don’t let the legalese fool you. This is epic. This is monumental. If things are going in the direction we think, Fani Willis lied to the court, it’s game over for her. She will be disqualified. If they had a relationship prior to when they represented truth to the court, it’s a huge deal. I can’t overstate.”

The legal analyst took to X to share a similar sentiment, writing, “Fani Willis’s case is OVER. She lied to the court. Case closed.”

“Fani Willis and Nathan Wade lied to the Court. Game over. The case is DEAD,” she wrote in another tweet.

In a statement to Mediaite, Polisi explained the implication the revelation about the relationship’s timeline could have on Trump’s case.

“Willis will be disqualified, which means her entire office is disqualified, which means the case will have to be re-assigned and languish with the PAC of Georgia, effectively killing the case. Her credibility is completely shot,” she stated.

But the implications could go beyond killing Trump’s case, as conservative communications strategist Greg Price noted on X that the DA might face some jail time.

“Knowingly giving false statements to a court is punishable in Georgia by a $1,000 fine and up to 5 years of jail,” he wrote.