White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about Hunter Biden’s unannounced trip on Marine One. But she could not give a solid response.

Hunter was seen getting off Marine One on Tuesday after a trip to Delaware with his father, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. During a press briefing later that day, Jean-Pierre was asked why Hunter’s name was not on the list provided to reporters of travelers aboard the aircraft on the trip back to D.C.

The reporter that asked the question stated, “With the holidays coming up, which members of the Biden family will be spending Christmas with the president and the first lady? And then I noticed today when the president arrived on Marine One that Hunter Biden and his son Beau were also on the helicopter with them. The White House provides to the public a list of staffers who travel with the president, why don’t they provide a list of the family members that are with the president on these government funded [inaudible]?”

Jean-Pierre could not give a straightforward answer, but instead said she has to “double check to see if that is indeed correct.”

“I did ask about that, so let me just double check,” she stated.

She then added, “Look, I’ll say this more broadly, obviously you have seen the president with his family these past couple of days, and I think you know why. They were observing a very somber anniversary for them. So I am not going to add any more to that, but this was obviously a somber moment in the family and so they were certainly together to acknowledge and take part in that anniversary.”

She further stated that the president spends every holiday with his family, including Hunter.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich also took issue with the White House’s decision to not include Hunter in the helicopter’s manifest.

“With the legal trouble [Hunter Biden] is facing, leaving him off the list would appear to some like an effort to conceal him. The question that it begs is why does the president think it is appropriate that taxpayer dollars should be used to fly him around when he’s been indicted and defied a congressional subpoena?” Heinrich asked.

Jean-Pierre still failed to provide a fitting response, as she said, “So I would refer you to Hunter’s personal representatives as it relates to any questions about legal affairs. But as you know, as it relates to the past couple of days, as I just stated to your colleague, the president and their family, it was a somber anniversary that they were recognizing. So you can imagine what that was like for them.”

“And I’ll say lastly, and I’ve said that many times before, the president and their first lady love their son very, very much but as it relates to anything in his legal affairs, I would have to certainly refer you to his representatives, I just don’t have anything else to add on that,” she added.

Jean-Pierre also stated that the White House has “never” included Hunter or any other member of the Biden family in the Marine One manifest.

The trip to Delaware was in commemoration of the 51st anniversary of the death of Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and his daughter Naomi, who both died in a car crash in 1972.

The Delaware trip included a private church service at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church and joint lunch. The father and son also visited the graves of the deceased.

After their return to the White House, the press office, gave the press a list of those aboard Marine One on the trip, as required. While the list mentioned Biden and Jill’s assistants and advisors, it did not mention Hunter and his son, Beau, who also reportedly went on the trip.