Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks that corporate media is beginning to turn on President Joe Biden amid increasing possibility of him losing the 2024 presidential election to former President Donald Trump.

He made the remarks during a recent broadcast of his “Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson in which he talked about Biden’s decline in the polls and speculation that the Democratic Party is looking to replace him on their ticket.

“I do think we are seeing the corporate media starting to turn on Joe Biden, and we’ve talked at length, listen, it was this podcast that drove news and drove news across the country, when we said months ago that I believe there was a very significant chance the Democrat Party would pull the cord on Joe Biden, yank him out and replace him with Michelle Obama,” he stated.

He then added that Democrats and the mainstream media do not care much about having a competent president, as he said they “would be perfectly happy if they could wave a wand and put Joe Biden there four years or more.”

“They’re not worried that the Department of Justice says he’s not competent to stand trial,” he added. “They’re not worried that he’s such a weak commander-in-chief that our enemies are attacking our allies and threatening America. They’re not worried that he lacks the competence to do the job. There’s only one thing they’re worried about: that he would lose. If they believed he would win, they’d be perfectly fine to Weekend at Bernie’s him, to stand him up as a corpse and say Joe Biden’s there and let’s keep pulling the puppet strings. Their concern is they’re worried he’s going to lose.”

Cruz also anticipated a shift in the media’s behavior toward Biden should he end up being the Democrats’ presidential nominee. According to him, the media will shift back to his side again then and label people as “ageist and racist” for questioning his ability to serve as president.

Cruz’s remarks come ahead of speculation that he might be dropped as the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nominee due to voters’ concerns about his age and mental ability.

The worries about the 81-year-old president were amplified after Special Counsel Robert Hur released his report on his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents. While the report recommended no charges be filed against the world leader, it also said he has a poor memory and mental acuity.