Former President Donald Trump’s Monday night victory was one to celebrate. However, it was clouded by a recent tragedy that got the GOP frontrunner visibly emotional as he gave a victory speech.

Like other presidential candidates did at their respective post-caucus events, Trump recognized members of his family, thanking them for their support and presence in his life. Among the names he mentioned was his wife Melania’s mother, Amalija Knavs, who died last week.

Approaching that part of the speech with a shift in countenance, he stated, “I think most importantly, I want to thank my incredible wife, first lady, I’ll say former and maybe future, but more important than Melania, I want to thank her incredible, beautiful mother who passed away a few days ago.”

“And she’s up there, way up there. She’s looking down and she’s so proud of us. And I just want to say to Amalia, you are special, one of the most special people I’ve ever known. And that was a tough period of time for the family. But she’s amazing. She was amazing. So I just want to thank what she’s done for our family and her husband,” he added.

Trump also mentioned Knavs’ husband, Victor, calling his two in-laws, “great people, great, great parents to all of us, really great parents.”

Sharing the impact Knavs had in their lives as a family, he revealed how she took care of his youngest son, Barron, whom he shares with Melania. In his words, “Boy, did she take care of Barron. That’s how he got so tall. He only ate her food.”

During Monday night’s speech, Trump also thanked all his children for their support as well as his campaign staff.

“I want to thank my family. Generally, they’ve worked so hard and they’ve taken so much abuse for being good people. I mean, good people. But Eric and Don, it really did. These two have been working so hard and they you know, they have another job also. So they have to do it all,” he said, in part.

Last Tuesday, Melania announced Knavs’ passing in a social media post, in which she wrote, “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved mother, Amalija.”

“Amalija Knavs was a strong woman who always carried herself with grace, warmth, and dignity. She was entirely devoted to her husband, daughters, grandson, and son-in-law. We will miss her beyond measure and continue to honor and love her legacy,” she added.

Trump had also expressed dejection at the loss in a post on Truth Social, writing, “This is a very sad night for the entire Trump family!!! Melania’s great and beautiful mother, Amalija, has just gone to a beautiful place in the sky. She was an incredible woman, and will be missed far beyond words!”

The news of Knavs’ passing came after Trump announced that she had been “very ill” in explanation of Melania’s absence from the Trump family’s Christmas photo.