Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley accused the Republican National Committee of dishonesty during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday. According to the GOP presidential candidate, the committee is “clearly not” being honest in the 2024 primary election.

Haley made the assertion in response to a question about RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s description of former President Donald Trump as the party’s presumptive nominee.

Anchor Kristen Walker asked, “Do you think — just going back to the RNC calling for the party to unify around Trump, which happened, by the way, during the New Hampshire primary, before the polls had even closed — do you think the RNC has been an honest broker in this case?”

In response, Haley said, “I mean, clearly not. If you’re going to go in and basically tell the American people that you’re going to go and decide who the nominee is after only two states have voted. I mean, 48 states out there.”

The former U.N. Ambassador added that the American people should have a say in who ends up being their nominee.

While many Trump supporters have used Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary to attempt an early call of the GOP presidential race for Trump, Haley insisted that most delegates required for the nomination have not been claimed yet.

“It’s 1,215 delegates to reach the nomination. Donald Trump has 32; I have 17. So let’s let this play out,” she said.

After Trump was declared the winner in last Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, McDaniel asked Republicans to unite around Trump.

“I’m looking at the math and the path going forward. And I don’t see it for Nikki Haley,” she stated, adding, “I think she’s run a great campaign. But I do think there is a message that’s coming out from the voters, which is very clear, we need to unite around our eventual nominee, which is going to be Donald Trump and we need to make sure we beat Joe Biden.”

Other Republicans have urged her to quit, including Sen. John Coryn (R-TX), who echoed McDaniel’s sentiments that Republicans need to come together and support Trump in order to have a chance to beat President Joe Biden.

“At this point Haley can either drop out or help the Democrats,” Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH),