Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign shot down President Joe Biden’s finalized plan on electric vehicles that was unveiled on Wednesday. In a statement reacting to the effort to destroy the gas-powered car industry, a Trump campaign spokesperson said, “Joe Biden’s extreme electric vehicle mandate will force Americans to buy ultra-expensive cars they do not want and cannot afford while destroying the U.S. auto industry in the process.”

“This radical policy is anti-jobs, anti-consumer, and anti-American. It will destroy the livelihoods of countless U.S. autoworkers while sending the U.S. auto industry to China,” the statement added.

The campaign went on to promise that Trump “will reverse Joe Biden’s extreme electric vehicle mandate on Day One.”

“He will protect the freedom of Americans to drive whichever vehicle they choose, enhance President Trump’s tough tariffs on Chinese-imported cars, and save the U.S. auto industry for generations to come,” the statement promised further.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced new automobile emissions standards which get close to the strict standards initially set out by the Environment Protection Agency.

Under its final rule, the EPA requires 56% of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2032 in order to reduce emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other air pollution from cars and trucks.

According to the agency, its national pollution standard would prevent over 7 billion tons of carbon emissions. This, it claims, would yield $100 million in annual benefits to the United States.

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers President and CEO Chet Thompson and American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers criticized Biden’s move in a joint statement.

“At a time when millions of Americans are struggling with high costs and inflation, the Biden administration has finalized a regulation that will unequivocally eliminate most new gas cars and traditional hybrids from the U.S. market in less than a decade. As much as the President and EPA claim to have ‘eased’ their approach, nothing could be further from the truth,” the statement read.

“This regulation will make new gas-powered vehicles unavailable or prohibitively expensive for most Americans. For them, this wildly unpopular policy is going to feel and function like a ban,” the statement added.