Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested an investigation should be launched into Special Counsel Robert Hur after his report into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified materials.

The former Biden and Obama administration official who is now an MSNBC host made the suggestion during an interview with Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer in which she discussed Bauer’s claim that Hur had gone too far in his investigation of Biden.

Asking if the special counsel’s investigation should warrant an investigation, Psaki asked, “You know, one of the points that you’ve made and other legal minds have said about this report is that it kind of goes, of course, outside of the scope of norms. It goes — his reporting and who he talked to went outside of what would be normal, even for a special counsel. Do you think that should be investigated or looked into?”

In response, Bauer stated, “Well, in the role that I have, all I can do is point it out, which is you had an investigation that ran for 15 months, which could have been concluded in just a few months. There was never any questions the president had not engaged in criminal wrongdoing. He was the self-reporting party here. He had turned the documents over upon discovery, cooperated in every respect.”

Bauer’s claims contradict investigators’ conclusion that Biden broke the law in his handling of the classified documents. However, as written in the special counsel’s report, no charges were warranted because of Biden’s mental state as prosecutors believe he would come across to a jury as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Despite the report’s attempt to make a case for why Biden would not be prosecuted in the case, Bauer claimed it was designed to be hurtful to the president.

“And yet somehow in this report, the special counsel felt compelled to engage in this irrelevant, unfounded, and often pejorative commentary. And I think it’s clear that that commentary is inconsistent with department norms,” he stated.