Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche is of the opinion that his legal team was even more upset than he was about the outcome of his hush money trial in Manhattan.

“We were all more upset than he was,” Blanche said of Trump’s reaction to the guilty conviction which came in on Thursday.

Blanche revealed his thoughts during a discussion with Fox News on Friday, in which he noted that the case played out exactly as warned by the team and Trump, who repeatedly said he was the target of a political witch hunt.

“We have been saying for over a year that we couldn’t get a fair trial in Manhattan, we couldn’t get a fair trial with the judge. And it played out in lots of ways exactly as we expected,” Blanche stated.

“I think that there were a lot of decisions that [the judge] made leading up to the trial which really hurt us, a trial that we very much disagree with. And what happens in a trial is, you show up for trial and all those decisions that have been made in the weeks and months leading up to trial, they matter, the evidence that can come in, the evidence that cannot come in. And when we showed up at trial, that’s where we really felt that we weren’t getting a fair shake,” he said further.

The attorney went on to point out that Trump’s constitutional flights were violated during the trial in many ways, including the gag order placed on him.

“You had a situation where President Trump, who’s on the campaign trail and is trying to compete with voices that are saying things every day that he cannot respond to without the risk of being fined, which he was, or going to prison for violating it,” he argued, adding, “That affects not only President Trump. That affects every voter, whether they’re going to vote for President Trump or against President Trump. That affects every single voter in this country, because they don’t get to hear from the candidate. We very much disagree with that order.”

Blanche went on to urge Americans to “look very hard” at the case brought against Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and how it was charged.

“The district attorney says that this type of case is a bread-and-butter, that they do these cases all the time. That is not true. It’s just not true. This is a case that the records of — President Trump’s personal records, his personal checkbook from 2017, is what he was on trial for,” he said.

“The point that we have been saying is that this is not fair. This is not what this country should be doing to its political leaders past and present,” he added.