Former President Donald Trump is warning that reelecting President Joe Biden would be shooting down Americans’ Second Amendment rights. During a speech at the NRA’s Great American Outdoor on Friday night, Trump told attendees that Biden would mean “four more years of anti-gun communists running the ATF.”

“Your Second Amendment will always be safe with me as President,” he stated.

He went further, saying, “Even as they turn America into a crime-ridden, gang infested, terror-filled dumping ground, Joe Biden and his thugs will do everything in their power to confiscate your guns and annihilate your God-given right to self-defense…During my four years, nothing happened, and there was a great pressure on me, having to do with guns…we did nothing, we didn’t yield…But four more years of Joe Biden means four more years of anti-gun communists running the ATF.”

Pointing out that the left already hopes the entire gun industry can be put out of business, Trump warned that Biden would ensure that Americans’ rights are “totally gun.”

“And the sad part about it is that the bad guys aren’t giving up their guns,” he added.

The GOP frontrunner then went on to promise that he will preserve Second Amendment rights if he is elected president.

“When I’m re-elected, every single attack on gun owners and manufacturers will be terminated my very first week in office, perhaps the first day,” he stated.

Trump was talking about how much America has worsened under Biden’s watch. Bringing up how he warned voters that Biden would lead the nation into a perilous state if he won the election in 2020.

“The only thing I didn’t know: I didn’t know how bad it would be,” Trump said of his prediction, pointing out that he has been proven right. According to him, people can now see that “Trump was right about everything,” including Joe Biden.