In a recent interview, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu spoke about endorsing a candidate in the state’s upcoming Republican presidential primary. While his decision is expected to come after Thanksgiving, Sununu discussed his top choices, emphasizing the qualities that make them stand out.

Sununu’s shortlist includes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who he said have all made a strong impression on him. Sununu believes that, along with former President Donald Trump, who is the frontrunner, these candidates have demonstrated their potential to lead the party.

Praising the debate performances of DeSantis, Haley, and Christie, Sununu highlighted their ability to articulate conservative values effectively. In contrast, he expressed concerns about anti-woke businessman Vivek Ramaswamy’s performance, describing it as “a bit embarrassing.” 

According to Sununu, Ramaswamy “doesn’t have the temperament to handle the stresses of a public executive position.” Hence, he firmly believes that Ramaswamy would be an ill-suited choice to represent the GOP against President Joe Biden should the pharmaceutical executive win the party’s ticket.

Sununu also found Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) performance lacking in inspiration.

The post-debate polls reinforced Sununu’s assessment, with Haley and DeSantis emerging as the top performers, each leading in different polls. Sununu’s view was echoed by voters who watched the debate, many of whom felt that Ramaswamy performed the least convincingly.

Sununu stressed the importance of temperament and poise in a presidential candidate, emphasizing the need for a leader who can handle the responsibilities of the office with grace and confidence. He expressed doubts about Ramaswamy’s ability to navigate the public sphere effectively, suggesting that he lacks the experience required to lead the nation.

During a CBS News interview, Sununu was asked about Nikki Haley’s efforts to secure his endorsement at two recent events they attended together. When asked if Haley was at the top of his list, Sununu responded diplomatically, stating that she, along with DeSantis and Christie, is a friend and a valued figure in the Republican Party.

Sununu, however, clarified that Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ recent endorsement of DeSantis would not sway his decision-making process for New Hampshire’s primary endorsement.