Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is so sure that former President Donald Trump will not get the Republican Party a victory in the general election.

She expressed this belief during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday after he said, “You said that no matter what happens Saturday in the South Carolina primary, you’re staying in the race. I wonder how much is your continuing to run for president, no matter what happened Saturday, how much is it about the chance that Donald Trump could possibly be a convicted felon later this year and you want to be a plan B as it were for the Republican Party.”

In response, Haley stated, “What I’m trying to tell all Republicans and anybody, independents as well, anybody that’s voting in those primaries, is if you want a change in our country, which I think the entire country wants a change, we won’t get a change if we don’t win an election. Donald Trump will not win the general election. You can have him win any primary you want. He will not win a general election.”

She then went on to predict that the next president of the United States will be a female – either her or Vice President Kamala Harris.

“But if Donald Trump is the nominee, you can mark my words, he will not win a general election. And what I say to everybody is, don’t complain about what happens in a general election if you don’t really think about that in this primary. We can do better,” she added.

Haley’s remarks come as South Carolina’s GOP primary is two days away. Despite trailing behind Trump in the polls with a polling average of 33.1% support behind Trump’s 63.8% support, she is confident that she will do well.

When she was asked during an interview on “The Hill on NewsNation” for an explanation on why she suffers low polling numbers compared to her political rival in her home state, she asserted that the race is not over.

“You know, what I would tell them is that they said I wouldn’t make it to Iowa, and we defeated a dozen other fellas. And we didn’t just make it to Iowa, we came within 1 percent of second place. We had 20 percent,” she stated, adding, “The day of the election in New Hampshire, they said I was down 30 points. We got 43 percent of the vote. This is — the only poll that matters is the one that happens in South Carolina.”

Regardless of Saturday’s outcome in South Carolina, Haley is determined to see the party’s primary contests through to the end.

“I refuse to quit. South Carolina will vote on Saturday. But on Sunday, I’ll still be running for President. I’m not going anywhere,” she said to a group of supporters in the state on Tuesday.