Former President Donald Trump will not be going after President Joe Biden if he wins the presidential election in November and becomes president again. Trump made the remarks during an interview with Time Magazine when he was asked about his plans to seek retribution against Democrats, including Biden.

While asking the question, the Time reporter tried to subtly dispel Trump’s claims that the criminal cases against him were prompted by Biden.

“I just want to say for the record, there’s no evidence that President Biden directed this prosecution against you. But even if we stipulated that …” the reporter began.

In response, Trump said, “I always hate the way a reporter will make those statements. They know it’s so wrong. It’s just sort of to protect yourself. But no, no. His head of the Justice Department, one of the top few people, was put into the DOJ. Fani [Willis], Mr. [Nathan] Wade, Fani’s lover, spent hours in Washington with the DOJ working on my case. The DOJ worked with Letitia James on my case. The DOJ worked with deranged Jack Smith. He’s a deranged person on my case. No, no, this is all Biden.”

Regardless of his belief that Biden is behind his prosecutions, Trump said that he would not be pursuing retribution against the president.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt Biden. I’m not looking to hurt Biden. I wouldn’t want to hurt him. I have too much respect for the office. But he is willing to hurt a former president who is very popular, who got 75 million votes. I got more votes than any other sitting president in history. And I have probably eight cases right now that are all inspired by them, including my civil case,” he said.

The reporter then asked Trump about whether he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Biden family over their foreign business dealings like he said in the past.

According to Trump, whether or not he does that depends on how his presidential immunity case before the Supreme Court turns out.

“If they’ve ruled that they don’t have immunity, Biden … would be prosecuted for 20 different acts,” Trump said.

Asked if he would pursue the prosecution of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who have cases against him, Trump said that he would not ask his attorney general to persecute the officials. However, he made it clear that both Democratic officials are doing “a terrible thing.”

Trump’s plan for retribution is going to come in a very different form, as he said, “We are going to have great retribution through success. We’re going to make our country successful again. Our retribution is going to be through success of our country.”