Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended Texas amid the criticism it is facing from the left after taking action on the border situation. The state has faced controversy after three migrants drowned in the Rio Grande River late last week. Per Customs and Border Protection, federal Border Patrol agents were not allowed to respond to the situation, as they were stopped from entering the area.

While the military department tried to clarify that the migrants had already drowned when federal agents arrived to help, it did not stop Democrats from poking holes into Gov. Greg Abbott’s tough actions that are intended to stop people from crossing into the country illegally through the border.

When asked about the issue on Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, DeSantis tore into arguments that Abbott is out of his bounds by enforcing immigration law.

“I think the state should be able to enforce immigration law. I will empower the states to do that,” the GOP presidential candidate said.

The federal government down there has frustrated Texas’ attempt to try to get people not to come across the border. And I think they will say that was on the Mexico side, and maybe the facts will come out and that will be clear one way or another. Obviously, it’s an unfortunate thing,” he added.

DeSantis further explained that Texas is trying to send a clear message that illegal migrants will not be let into the country but turned away.

“Under the Biden administration, they let them in, they give them a paper, and release them to the interior of the country. That’s not a deterrent from being able to come. If people know that they’re not going to be able to get in, then that’s a deterrent for people trying to come,” he explained.

The governor further called for the Biden administration to support Abbott’s efforts to stop the influx of migrants at the state’s border. According to him, finding a solution to the border problem would be “better for everybody” and be “safer” for people planning to cross the border into the country.

According to him, if intending illegal migrants know that they will not be turned back after paying a huge sum and being subjected to less-than-ideal conditions to get to the border, they will not attempt to get to the border at all.