Eric Trump said on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s choice to spend up to a week at Camp David getting ready for his forthcoming debate portrays a belligerent stance.

The son of former President Donald Trump told a news outlet what to expect from the occasion. He noted, “says a lot about a president who has spent so long retreating to what is effectively an underground bunker in the middle of the woods at Camp David.”

By contrast, Eric Trump praised his father’s debate prep methods. My dad is “very serious about it,” he said, “but he’s also running.”

Former President Donald Trump has openly criticized Biden’s policies, saying the president needs “to figure out a way with his advisers to potentially polish them up and try and sugarcoat them.”

The debate pits the rivals for a 90-minute faceoff on-air, as CNN has slotted it to be held in Atlanta next Thursday, marking the first presidential debate of the 2024 general election cycle.

Biden went to Camp David on Thursday evening to prepare, and is considering staying at the Maryland retreat until he faces the older Trump in his debate.

Eric Trump jokingly shot back, “I’m not sure if that’s a big vote of confidence,” when it was pointed out that Biden could be spending a week at Camp David.

He also pictured Biden at the retreat “back in the back of that room, again, trying to memorize lines to explain terrible policy decisions that he’s had for the last three and a half years.”

Donald Trump, according to multiple sources, will campaign straight through until he gets back Thursday to his Florida estate for two days of meetings and informal debate prep.

While the debate was ongoing, Eric Trump predicted CNN would “give Biden a free pass” as it used the debate to “hit” his father.

“I’m comfortable with my father. He’s got — he’s got the right message. He’s got the love of America behind him,” Eric Trump said.

“And he’s going to do — he’s going to do awesome,” Eric Trump added. “He always does. He’s good to go.”