Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) hinted at major changes coming to border security and illegal immigrants in the United States. During a Sunday appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” host Shannon Bream asked Donalds about the promises he can make to Americans regarding changes Republicans offer if they win the elections this year.

In response, Donalds stated, “A couple of things. Trump had the border secured when he was President of the United States. When Joe Biden came in, the first thing he did was rip up the border policy simply because they were put in place by Donald Trump. It was a very stupid decision by Joe Biden. The country has suffered as a result.”

“So now what we are going to do is go back to ending ‘catch-and-release’ and go back to ‘Remain in Mexico.’ We will have to deport millions of people who should not be here because our cities and states simply cannot handle the flow of all these illegal migrants. You have Jordanian people going in trying to breach Quantico under Joe Biden. You saw what happened on the southern border in California, where they were trying to scale the wall in California and get over that wall there,” the Florida Republican continued.

Outlining former President Donald Trump’s plan for the border, Donalds stated, “What President Trump is going to do is put back the policies that kept our country secure, and we will deport millions of people. It needs to be done.

“Then in Congress, with a policy like H.R. 2, if you have the votes in the House and the Senate, we are going to move large parts of this to become federal law, which gives the president more authority to secure the nation,” Donalds added.

As he seeks to be elected to the White House for his second term, Trump has promised a mass deportation of illegal immigrants living in the U.S, promising to use the National Guard and the local police if necessary.

“On Day 1 of my new administration, I will seal the border, stop the invasion of people pouring through our border and send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home where they belong. They have got to be sent home,” he said at a recent rally in New Jersey.

“We have to deport a lot of people, and they have to start immediately,” he said to Fox News host Sean Hannity in February.