The former head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, accused President Joe Biden of empowering Hamas terrorists with his constant criticism of Israel.

In a post to X on Tuesday, Foxman, a longtime Biden supporter, asked him to end his “ceaseless criticism” of Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Pointing out that Hamas waged war against the State of Israel, Foxman explained that criticizing Israel only weakens the Middle East country and strengthens its enemies.

“President Biden-respectfully please stop criticizing PM Netanyahu- while he is not perfect- Hamas went to war against the State of Israel not the PM-your ceaseless criticism only weakens Israel and strengthens Hamas and Israel’s enemies here and abroad,” he wrote.

Foxman, who has been consistent in his support for Israel, criticized Biden on Friday for asking Netanyahu for an “immediate ceasefire” in the war between Israel and Hamas. Biden had threatened Israel, saying that the U.S. would withdraw its support for the nation if it does not comply with the ceasefire demands.

In a post to X, Foxman wrote, “I like President Biden and I respect him – but who advised him to threaten Israel to agree to a ceasefire deal for hostages immediately- knowing that Hamas had rejected every offer Israel made? Why should they make a deal – when America ‘supports’ their ‘position’?”

Foxman’s position on Biden’s stance on the war has shifted just as the president has shifted in his support of Israel.

After the unprecedented attack Hamas carried out on Israel on Oct. 7, Foxman took to X to appreciate Biden’s support of Israel.

“THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN!THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN for your compassion, your understanding of history , your moral compass, your values and your steadfast support of the State and people of Israel!” he wrote.

However, Biden and many politicians on the left have gradually shifted their positions from Israel and criticized the nation’s operation against Hamas while tolerating Hamas’ abuses. One of the many ways Biden has turned his back on Israel is his demand for an immediate ceasefire which does not require Hamas to release the nearly 140 remaining hostages, which include five Americans. This is a shift from the previous agreement between the U.S. and Israel that a potential ceasefire must be dependent on the release of the hostages.