Actress Jenifer Lewis had a meltdown over former President Donald Trump during a recent interview. Speaking on SiriusXM’s “Mornings with Zerlina,” the “Black-ish” actress claimed that Trump is “Hitler” in a tirade against people who will not vote against him in the 2024 election.

“Dead God, what have we done? Oh, I’ll tell you what we’ve done. We’ve spent time trying to decide what flavor ice cream we’re gonna get, because there’s ten thousand flavors,” Lewis began.

“We spend half our lives choosing, trying to make a choice on bullshit. ‘What movie tonight? Let me sit here for a half hour.’ No bombs going off, and we do nothing. We sit on our couches. ‘Oh, I don’t believe in voting.’ You fucking idiot,” she added before going on to make wild claims about Trump.

According to Lewis, Trump will “take a hammer” to the glass housing of the Constitution of the United States and tear it all up. He then will supposedly declare himself “king” of the world.

“If that man gets in, as soon as he takes the oath, he will have generals walk down the steps of the Capitol. He will take a hammer and break the glass where the Constitution is, and he will tear it up in our faces and say, ‘Now I’m the king of the fucking world. You will bow down, bitches.’ He will punish everybody that didn’t vote for him,” Lewis said.

Lewis later claimed that she knows what mental illness looks like.

“Let me tell y’all how I know this shit! I know it because I know what mental illness looks like! That mania is unstoppable!” the actress stated.

“See, this motherfucker is Hitler. He didn’t come to play,” she added.

Lewis has gone on a similarly bizarre tirade against Trump in the past. In 2020, while Trump was still in the White House, she called him “twisted and sick” while she tried to warn against voting to reelect him in the election that was held later that year.

“It’s all about the election in November. We either lose democracy or we don’t. You want your freedom? They are taking your rights away from you while you sleep. People have no idea,” she stated, adding, “Trump is so twisted and sick. But what gets me, is it’s coated with evil. It’s so evil. He’s just snatching from the poor and giving more to the rich. But the crime is that we’re allowing it.”

When she was asked if there is a candidate running for the 2020 election that has the capacity to beat Trump, she responded, “Look, Jennifer Lewis is going to beat Donald Trump. End of story.”

She also told Larry King in 2018 that Trump is “mentally ill,” using her experience of mental illness, having been treated for bipolar disorder since the 90’s, to spot signs of serious mental health issues in the then-president.