In a recent appearance on the “All-In” podcast, in which he discussed the current state of affairs in California and emphasized the need to restore order, Tucker Carlson pointed fingers at California Gov. Gavin Newsom as a politician to be feared.

Highlighting the concerning trend in California, where shoplifting seems to have been all but “legalized,” he stated, “Dying is not the worst thing; the worst thing is living in chaos, and we’re starting to live in chaos.”

Carlson then brought Newsom into the discussion, stating, “The return to order is what scares me and I do think Gavin Newsom is a fascist.

Drawing a sleek comparison between the governor and President Joe Biden, he said, “I think he’s the kind of person who would have no problem, no hesitation about using the DOJ to imprison his political opponents.”

He went on to argue that the chaos California is currently grappling with might lead people to yearn for a strong authoritarian leader. “I think because we’re in a moment of chaos right now, people kind of want that actually. I think one of the purposes of degrading and confusing our society is to make way for authoritarianism, even more than we have now, so that kind of freaks me out,” he stated.

Reviewing Carlson’s podcast, Dave Rubin agreed with the former Fox News host, saying, “Tucker is making a really deep point there.”

“The chaos only lasts for so long because people cannot functionally deal with that … [so] they would be glad to usher in an authoritarian society,” he explained.

“At some point, when your city is endlessly burning, and you can’t go into stores anymore, and all of those things, then you might demand a real authoritarian leader to clean it up,” Rubin added.

Carlson had warned about Newsom earlier in the year when he stated that the California governor could be the younger version of President Joe Biden. Highlighting Newsom’s governing method, he stated, “This is the guy who forced every one of his 40 million residents in his state to get an experimental vaccine, whether they wanted to or not, lecturing you about individual rights and civil liberties.”