President Joe Biden’s decision to not grant a Super Bowl interview with CBS News has earned him a heavy dose of criticism from conservative reporter Megyn Kelly, who said this week that Biden is not “physically” capable of talking.

Speaking on her SiriusXM show, she stated, “Last year he could get away with it, because it was Fox. Evil Fox, who would sit with them? That would be terrible. And but this year, it’s a different story because it’s CBS. What does he have against CBS? Why won’t he go on CBS? There’s not even a reason.”

She then suggested that Biden balked out of the interview because of his inability to “answer hard questions.”

According to her, even if he knows the answers to whatever difficult questions he could be asked during the interview, he “physically cannot get the words out.”

“[MSNBC host Joe Scarborough] is praising Biden, because it was in the news this week that Biden called Trump a ‘sick f***.’ He manages to squeeze into this reaction, a defense, he thinks, of Joe Biden’s many verbal gaffes. … I don’t think having a stuttering problem makes you think dead people are alive and alive people are dead. It’s simply absurd,” she said further.

As reported by Variety, CBS News confirmed that Biden would not be taking part in the pre-game sit-down interview which has recently become a tradition among U.S. presidents for years.

While that would be the second year in a row that the president would skip a Super Bowl interview, what is really surprising is that he did not jump on that opportunity to reach millions of American voters as the election is only about 9 months away.

Biden’s decision to let go of such an opportunity has raised eyebrows, resurrecting criticisms that he has given fewer interviews than his predecessors during his time in office.

When confronted about this , White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre excused her boss by claiming he communicates in “nontraditional ways.”

“The president will find many other ways to communicate with Americans, the millions of Americans out there. And we will find those ways to do it, where we think the time is right,” she added.