Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire, slammed major legacy media organizations for delaying their coverage of President Joe Biden’s obviously failing health.

Shapiro joined host Howard Kurtz on Fox News’ “Media Buzz” Sunday to discuss how the media has recently turned against Biden following his debate in Atlanta, which took place June 27 where he faced former President Trump.

In another segment, Shapiro likened the media’s response to Biden’s cognitive decline in a similar manner of not treating it as an issue on par with immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border.

“What you saw in some of these cases, the border in particular, was, sort of, people arriving late on the scene. The media for the first few months basically denied anything was happening at the border, downplayed it, and then, of course, as it became undeniable, then you have to cover it,” Shapiro said.

“Biden’s decline is undeniable, and so the media now have to cover it,” he continued. “That shouldn’t be the job of the media. The media should be first on the scene, not last on the scene. It shouldn’t be some rando Twitter account that’s covering the news, and six months later, the media are like, ‘Hey, by the way, that rando Twitter account, turns out he was right!’ It should be the media.”

Shapiro said this is just a symptom of what he described as declining performance throughout the media, which in turn has led to widespread distrust among many Americans. He said the erosion in trust began with media coverage of former President Barack Obama.

“During the Obama era, there was a reorientation of the press away from the idea that they were to hold truth to power and toward the idea that Barack Obama was a great light bringer who was to be sort of massaged into acceptability by the press at every available turn,” Shapiro told Kurtz. “Trump is a reaction to that.”