Democratic Party officials are telling Democratic voters to not vote for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in South Carolina’s Republican primary contest later this month.

Speaking to reporters as the polls opened in South Carolina for the state’s Democratic Party’s presidential primary, Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison told Haley to not expect that Democrats in the state will cast a ballot for her.

“Nikki, just understand that South Carolina Democrats are not going to vote for you. I want you to get that message loud and clear this morning,” Harrison stated.

Harrison added that “we are not going to vote for you because you didn’t do anything for us. You didn’t do anything for us. So, we’re not bailing you out. We’ve got two MAGA apples in this field that’s left, and both of them are rotten. And so, Democrats in South Carolina aren’t bailing either one of them out.”

When asked about her reaction to Harrison’s remarks, Haley’s campaign pointed to a ploy by Democrats to ensure former President Donald Trump ends up being the Republican Party’s nominee.

Highlighting a belief that Haley is a better candidate to face off with President Joe Biden in November’s general election, the campaign added that “nothing would make Democrats happier than Donald Trump being the Republican nominee. Poll after poll shows Nikki trounces Biden. They know they can’t beat her.”

Harrison’s message comes days after he called her a “terrible” option on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” laying out her conservative policies during her time as governor in South Carolina

His remarks also follow reports that text messages were sent to some Democrats, dissuading them from voting on Saturday morning. The messages asked the voters to cast a ballot for Haley in three weeks during the state’s GOP primary.

Unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, where the first two Republican presidential nominating events were held, people who cast a ballot in South Carolina’s Democratic primary cannot cast another vote in the Republican contest in the next three weeks.

With Harrison’s message, Haley’s support in South Carolina might tell a different story from last month’s Iowa Republican caucuses and New Hampshire’s Republican primary, in which she reportedly received votes from crossover Democrats and independents.

While she could only manage a third position in Iowa, the former U.N. Ambassador received 43.3% of the votes In New Hampshire, with Trump leading with 54.4% of the votes.