Twenty-four hours after a jury reached a guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump in his hush money trial on Thursday, his campaign raised over $50 million.

The Trump campaign announced the massive cash flush in a statement on Friday, saying, “In the 24 hours since Crooked Joe Biden and his New York henchmen got their sham trial verdict, the Trump Campaign has raised $52.8 million through the online digital fundraising platform. THAT’S MORE THAN $2 MILLION PER HOUR!”

“With more than one third of these donors being new to the campaign, it is clear that more and more Americans are seeing through the Biden election interference and joining President Trump in the movement to save our nation,” the statement continued.

The verdict in which Trump was found guilty of 34 charges of falsifying business records came as a shock to America and has received tons of criticism particularly from the right, as many argue that Trump is being persecuted purely for political reasons.

While Democrats have cause to rejoice over the conviction, it has only drawn more supporters and skeptics to Trump, as entrepreneur David Sacks pointed out that the verdict earned the GOP presidential candidate a lot of support in Silicon Valley.

“After Biden’s disastrous presidency, Trump has a lot of supporters in Silicon Valley; many are just afraid to admit it. But with each act of courage, like this one, the dam begins to break,” he wrote in response to a revelation of a huge donation to Trump by Shaun Maguire, a partner at Sequoia Capital.

In a post to X, Maguire wrote, “I just donated $300k to President Trump. The timing isn’t a coincidence.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer weighed in on the verdict, noting that the prosecution was actually about Trump winning the 2016 election and the upcoming one.

“Trump was just found guilty of winning the 2016 election. He was preemptively found guilty of winning in 2024, and the Ds will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening,” Fleischer wrote.

Conservatives are not the only ones who have a problem with the verdict, as some on the left have also spoken out against it, while some are watching and taking notes ahead of the November election.

As for former Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich, the conviction only led to him loving Trump more than ever.

“When you’ve lived through it yourself you recognize when they do it to someone else,” he wrote, adding, “The political fix was in from the beginning. Disgraceful and corrupt convictions of the leading candidate from the opposition party by a handpicked politicized Dem judge who denied a former President a chance to put on a defense and allowed ridiculously unlawful jury instructions. That Dem Judge and those Dem prosecutors ought to go right to F’n jail for what they are doing to our democracy and our country.”