Former President Donald Trump reacted to multiple outlets running misleading headlines in their reports of a statement he made about President Joe Biden’s policies leading to a “bloodbath” in the auto industry job market in the near future.

In a post on Truth Social, the GOP presidential candidate blasted what he called “the fake news media” on Monday, saying, “The Fake News Media, and their Democrat Partners in the destruction of our Nation, pretended to be shocked at my use of the word BLOODBATH, even though they fully understood that I was simply referring to imports allowed by Crooked Joe Biden, which are killing the automobile industry.”

He went on to establish that “The United Auto Workers, but not their leadership, fully understand what I mean.”

In the statement, Trump also slammed Biden’s electric vehicle policies, warning that the policies will be the death of cars made in the United States.

“With the Electric Car Mandate being pushed by Biden, there soon won’t be any cars made in the USA – UNLESS I’M ELECTED PRESIDENT, IN WHICH CASE AUTO MANUFACTURING WILL THRIVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!! MAGA2024,” he wrote.

During a campaign event in Ohio on Saturday, Trump had brought up car manufacturing plants being built in Mexico by China, who he said intends to bring the cars into the United States to sell without paying tax at the border.

“Let me tell you something to China, if you’re listening President Xi, and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal. Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now and you think you’re going to get that, you’re going to not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the cars to us?” he said.

“No. We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going be able to sell those cars. If I get elected. Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That will be the least of it,” he added.

It did not take long after Trump’s speech before left-wing media outlets twisted his words to suggest that he was threatening a “bloodbath” if he does not win the presidential election in November.

NBC News’ headline had read, “Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses the election.” In a similarly misleading headline, CBS News said, “In Ohio campaign rally, Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses November election.”

Rolling Stone also covered the story with a headline that reads, “Trump Says There Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’ and Elections Will End if He Isn’t Reelected.”

President Joe Biden’s campaign also led the propaganda with a statement on X that addressed the “bloodbath” remark without the context of cars and made it about actual violence.

The campaign’s statement read in part, “Tonight, Donald Trump said there would be a ‘bloodbath’ if he wasn’t elected and that if he lost there would be no more elections…This is who Donald Trump is: a loser who gets beat by over 7 million votes and then instead of appealing to a wider mainstream audience doubles down on his threats of political violence. He wants another January 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge.’