Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested this weekend that President Joe Biden could be “prosecuted criminally” as a result of the impacts of his administration’s border policies, especially with respect to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the matter of presidential immunity from prosecution.

Graham appeared on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream and stated what could happen if the Supreme Court rules in a certain way.

“Most Americans believe that they’re not safer under President Biden than they were Trump,” Graham said. “[Senator] Chris Coons, a dear friend, said that there’s a good case to be made, that you’re safer today than you were when President Trump was president. If you believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to drive. That’s silly. That’s dangerously wrong. The border is beyond broken. You have wars in Ukraine. You have the Middle East on fire. When it comes to enforcing the law, Joe Biden has been beyond reckless. He’s taken a parole statute that’s limited in nature, and is given a million people parole.”

To this point, Graham points out one example. “Laken Riley’s murderer was paroled because they had lack of capacity in El Paso,” he said. He continues, “They let him out under the parole statute, because they were full, there’s nothing in the statute says you can go cuz you’re full. And he killed this lady. On and on and on, all of these women who’ve been raped and murdered have one thing in common: The people that killed them, raped them, and murdered them were in our custody and let go, I think illegally. So Joe Biden better hope and pray there’s presidential immunity, because when he allowed the killer of Laken Riley to be released on parole because lack of capacity, I think he’s subject not only lawsuit, but criminal prosecution, if there’s not presidential immunity.”

Senator Graham goes on to share that these sexual assaults and murders of women have one single thing in common: the people who committed and murdered them were in our custody and then let go.

If these cases do lead to President Biden being prosecuted criminally, the court could rule with presidential immunity.

However, as the public becomes increasingly more aware of these crimes, it will be harder for the court to present this ruling. Meanwhile it will give the Trump administration the evidence it needs to secure the US border security with whatever means necessary.