A tech CEO in India died during what was meant to be an elaborate entrance into a tech show in India. Vistex CEO Sinjay Shah entered onto the stage alongside Vistex president Vishwanath Raju Datla in a yellow iron cage suspended 15 feet above the ground. The cage was meant to be lowered down to give a dramatic effect.

However, as the two company executives were being introduced and fireworks were shooting from the stage amid applause from the crowd, the cage lurched, as seen in footage of the event. After the cage lurched, they were both spilled onto the stage in a drop that is about a one-story fall.

The video showed one of the men landing on his head. Shah died immediately at the party, per The New York Post. Delta survived the accident, but remains in critical condition.

Some other sources, such as The DailyMail, stated that both men made it to the hospital and it was there that Shah died.

Officials at the venue where the event was held in Ramoji Film City stated that the accident was caused by a snapped wire that was attached to the cage. However, the incident is still under investigation as police said a case has been registered against the event management officials..

Speaking to The New York Post about the incident, a Vistex official said, “Shah and Raju being lowered from the cage onto the dais was a planned event to kickstart the celebrations.”

Shah, who was originally born in India, relocated to the United States when he was 17 years old and got his MBA from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University in 1989 at the age of 21. In 1999, 10 years after securing his MBA, he founded Vistex, an advisory service company based in Illinois.

With 20 global offices and over 2,000 employees, the company has worked with some high-profile companies including Coca-Cola, Barilla, Yamaha and GM. The tragic accident on Thursday had been to celebrate the company’s successful 25 years in the Asian industry.