In a recent interview with I24, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) expressed unwavering support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Rubio’s statements underscored his commitment to ensuring that Israel receives the support it needs from Washington, D.C., and shed light on the complexities of the situation.

The lawmaker began by acknowledging the challenging nature of the conflict, emphasizing the difficulties posed by urban warfare against an enemy entrenched in tunnel systems and committed to long-term insurgency-type campaigns. He noted the significance of the material Israel may need for resupply and assured that the mechanisms to deliver support from Washington are in place.

“I think you’ll find all the support you need in Washington, and we’ll have the mechanism to deliver it. I think what’s important is that we understand that the baselines are already there. The authorities are already there. At some point, if more is needed – and it probably will be – we’ll need to know exactly what that is, and I don’t think there’ll be any impediments to getting it done,” he stated.

He also highlighted the critical role of Iran in the conflict, stressing that there is no Hamas without Iranian support. “All this talk about whether Iran knew that they were going to do this at 6 a.m. on Saturdays is irrelevant to the fact that Hamas would not have the capabilities to do the things they’re doing without Iranian support,” he stated.

“Even if this money (the $6 billion the Biden administration released to Iran) hadn’t been released, this money was coming. They would have freed up other monies that they had available to them to continue to sponsor terrorism, not just for Hamas, but for ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and obviously for Hezbollah. [The Biden Administration’s reversal] is good news, and I’m glad that it’s happening, and I hope that will be a permanent move,” he added.

Rubio went on to describe the gravity of the situation, characterizing Hamas as an enemy seeking the complete destruction of Israel. He condemned their ruthless tactics, including the targeting of innocent civilians and their aspiration to become the dominant Palestinian faction in the region. 

For him, Hamas’ actions leave Israel with no choice but to eliminate the threat and protect its citizens.

Addressing the international response, Rubio noted a historical pattern where Israel is initially supported in the face of an attack but faces calls to cease its actions as the conflict continues. He emphasized the importance of understanding that if Hamas is not eliminated or substantially degraded, it will return with even more devastating consequences, setting a dangerous precedent for other extremist groups.

Rubio concluded by warning against complacency, stating that failure to confront and defeat evil would only lead to its growth and spread. He stressed the need to act decisively now to prevent further loss of life and ensure the security of Israel.

Rubio had previously condemned Hamas’ actions, calling the terrorist organization “savages” and “ideological psychopaths” in a video posted to his YouTube channel. YouTube has, however, taken down the video, citing violation of its “hate speech policy.”