Iowa senator takes action as VA replaces American flag with Pride flag

Senator Adrian Dickey (R-IA) has made the two-hour drive to Des Moines frequently this June to raise the American flag over the entrance of the veteran’s hospital. 

But, this nowhere near unchartered territory for the senator. It began last June when he was alerted that the Pride flag had replaced the American flag in front of a veteran’s hospital, despite complaints from veterans.

In response, Sen. Dickey drove at any and all hours to re-raise the American flag. Oftentimes, he found out that the flag was reflown just hours after he’d already left. His response? He went back to do it again. This happened until the officials at the VA finally decided to keep both flags on the pole.

However, this year is another story.


Dickey not only brought an American flag, but an entire flagpole as well. He also accompanied the pair with the following plaque: 

“This flagpole was placed on June 6, 2024, by Senator Adrian Dickey, Packwood, for his humble appreciation of the sacrifices that the men and women made 80 years ago today as they invaded the beaches of Normandy and for EVERY soldier who has used this facility in the years since. These soldiers are who Made America GREAT!”

The hospital staff quickly acted by taking down the plaque and the entire flagpole. They’ve since said that the American flag is still flying elsewhere, in order to be compliant with federal law, but the Pride flag will hang above the entrance.

Dickey has commented on the situation saying, “I thought that was pretty appalling.” Dickey reportedly still plans to make the drive to Des Moines to take down the flag in an effort to support veterans and make them feel comfortable.