Police were seen breaking up an encampment set up by anti-Israel protesters at UCLA on Thursday morning. As early as 3 a.m. local time, officers moved into the encampment on the campus’ Dickson Plaza and began arresting protesters.

Videos that surfaced online of the arrests show officials dressed in riot gear trying to break through the lines of protesters. Some of the protesters were wearing goggles and helmets.

As police tried to get to the protesters, they were seen clearing away metal barriers, boards and other objects used to barricade the camp. In order to break the lines of the encampment, California Highway Patrol used flashbangs.

As officers got closer to the makeshift wall built by the protesters, the protesters formed a human wall and tried to keep officers out.

Having breached the wall, officers cleared out the occupiers and tore down banners, flags and other items belonging to protesters. A few protesters threw objects at the police while one man was heard yelling, “You fucking pig!”

In a safety alert on Thursday, campus officials warned students to avoid going toward Dickson Plaza.

“AVOID THE AREA of Dickson Plaza due police activity; Police have ordered an evacuation of Dickson Plaza due to an unlawful assembly. DO NOT re-enter the area of Dickson Plaza & follow the direction of public safety personnel,” they stated, adding, “The University requires that everyone must leave the encampment and adjacent areas, as well as all unauthorized structures and tents immediately, until further notice.”

The police action comes after campus authorities had reportedly asked protesters to leave after days of holding the encampment in protest of Israel’s war with Hamas. On Tuesday, there was a clash between the anti-Israel protesters and a group of counter-protesters.

The fight, which continued without intervention for hours, was violent with not only fistfights and people getting beaten with poles but also chemicals sprayed into the air.