Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden over the speech he gave on Friday, which he offered as a look back on the events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. During a campaign event in Sioux City, Iowa, the GOP presidential candidate criticized Biden’s speech which celebrated the prosecution of Trump’s supporters, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giulliani.

“Since that day, more than 1,200 people have been charged for their assault on the Capitol, and nearly 900 of them have been convicted or pled guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison,” Biden had told the crowd.

He went on to criticize Trump for saying that “these insurrectionists” were patriots and promising them a pardon should he reclaim the White House.

The president also tackled Trump’s assertions that Jan. 6, 2021 was a day a lot of love was shown. For Biden, he, law enforcement, and the rest of the nation did not see a manifestation of love but saw hate and violence instead.

But Trump fought back, saying that Biden’s speech is nothing more than fear mongering. In his counter attack on Friday night, he said that democracy is the only issue Biden can run on as each tries to convince Americans that he’s the best man to lead the country from 2025 to 2029.

The GOP frontrunner took aim at the border, the economic situation and the state of the military in the Biden administration. According to him, America has become “an embarrassment as a country” under Biden.

Biden, in his speech on Friday, repeated his rhetoric that Trump is a danger to American democracy, a message on which his campaign has been built on so far.

“Donald Trump’s campaign is about him, not America, not you. Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future. He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy to put himself in power,” he said, selling himself as a better option for the people.

The president’s campaign has called Trump a dictator in recent weeks, going as far as warning that he spews rhetoric similar to that of Nazi’s Adolf Hitler. The team held onto the GOP frontrunner’s Veterans Day speech in December in which he said that illegal immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

Trump’s campaign has, however, hit back on the dictator claims, saying that Biden’s weaponization of the government to go after Trump and hinder his presidential bid is the real threat to democracy.