Newsom Doubles Down

When asked if he would back the concept of removing President Biden, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, shot back at reporters after the CNN Presidential Debate.


“Never would I abandon President Biden. I will never abandon President Biden. Not a single Democrat in my party that I know of would do it. We’ve got his back, especially after tonight,” Newsom declared.


“We do not run the ninety-yard dash. Everybody is in. In the upcoming months, we will intensify our efforts. “This election, we’re going to win,” he said.


Regarding Biden’s performance, Newsom expressed concern for “the substance.”


“What about the content? The content is important to me. I’m interested in the content,” Newsom declared without elaborating.


Reporters were reassured by Newsom that he would not abandon the president and that he was qualified to lead the nation.

“I was with him a lot of the time. I am familiar with Joe Biden and his accomplishments over the past three and a half years. What he’s capable of, I know. And I’m not nervous at all,” Newsom remarked.


Newsom had initially been selected as a Biden stand-in for president in 2028, prior to the November election.


Podcast host Joe Rogan conjectured back in February that the Democratic Party was getting ready to replace Biden on the 2024 presidential ticket with Newsom.


“Don’t you think that that’s a ruse, him running for president?” Later, after an argument, Rogan questioned, “I believe they will fire him, relocate him, or otherwise compel him to resign. That’s my opinion.


After the debate, Newsom dismissed criticism of Biden’s performance by claiming that “we’ve all had those nights” and that the president has ‘consistently overcome age-related concerns.”


“He never gives up. He never gives up in his struggle for democracy, ourselves, our future generations, and our grandchildren. Therefore, we must regain this in this regard. “And yes, I hope he returns, and I hope he appears on stage in another debate,” he said in an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner following the debate.


When asked if he was “ready to take on Donald Trump,” implying that he would be a contender to succeed Biden, Newsom refuted the reports once more and offered the president his whole support.


“Certainly not. I’m not going to back down. That is my personal opinion. Not one Democrat that I know of would act in that way,” Newsom remarked.