Fox News contributor Leo Terrell believes Democrats are having a new nightmare – the viral image and video of former President Donald Trump hugging a black supporter at a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta.

Speaking on “America’s Newsroom” on Friday, Terrell, a civil rights attorney, stated that the image is a “nightmare” for Democrats and the left-wing media who have been putting out a false narrative that black voters do not like Trump.

“If the Democrat Party does not receive anywhere between 85 or 90% of the Black vote, there’s no Democrat Party. That photograph of that Black woman with President Trump is a nightmare for CNN, MSNBC, New York Times. They have sent out a false narrative – Trump is a racist, Black people hate Trump. You see that photograph? That photograph shows a disconnect as to what the left-wing media is portraying,” Terrell stated.

He went further to point to a shift from the Democrat Party to Trump among black people, saying that Trump’s administration benefited the community more.

“Newsflash, Trump is likable. Black people like Trump. And those numbers that you just pointed out, Dana, reflect a shift from the Democrat Party to Donald Trump. And you can see a lot more of that because that is what’s happening. Look, everyone knows four years ago, Dana, I made the switch when Joe Biden said, if you don’t vote for me, “you ain’t Black.” Well, I’m still Black and I’m voting for Trump,” he continued.

“I know this is going to hurt the Democrats, but Trump did more in those four years for Black Americans. Lowest unemployment, fully funded the black colleges. Also, the First Step Act. So Blacks prospered under Donald J. Trump and they have a comparison between that and the Joe Biden administration, where inflation, crime and their dislike towards sanctuary cities. See Chicago, New York and Los Angeles,” he added.

Terrell’s take aligns with that of Michaelah Montgomery, the Trump supporter who hugged him in Atlanta after telling him, “I don’t care what the media tells you Mr. Trump, we support you.”

Speaking to “Fox & Friends” after her encounter with the former president, Montgomery said that the actual perception of Trump in the black community is very different from what the media portrays.

“The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU campuses … that like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome, and clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite,” she stated, adding that people were excited to see Trump and show their support for him.