Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas finally admitted that the southern border is in a state of “crisis.”

Mayorkas’ shocking admission occurred during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on Wednesday when Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) pressed him on the border.

“Mr. Secretary, you dance around calling the crisis at our southern border not only a humanitarian crisis but a crisis. If you do not see it as that, why are you deploying our federal air marshals or FAMS to the southern border?” Hinson asked.

In response, Mayorkas said, “Congresswoman, I do understand the challenges at the border. I certainly don’t dance around them, as a matter of fact.”

Hinson interrupted him to get a direct answer, saying, “Would you call it at a crisis at the southern border?”

In a shocking admission, Mayorkas responded, “Yes, I would. And as a matter of fact, I work every single day with the men and women in the Department of Homeland Security to only strengthen the security of our southern border, as well as the northern border.”

This would make the first time Mayorkas would call the immigrant situation at the border a crisis despite being grilled on the subject several times during congressional hearings. While he called it a crisis during a conversation with NBC News in February, he has refrained from giving lawmakers a direct answer on the topic.

Hinson did not hide her shock on hearing Mayorkas’ admission, as she said, “I’m pleased to hear you call it a crisis. I think it’s the first time I’ve heard you publicly acknowledge it.”

Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS) was also surprised and asked why the Biden admin official decided to make the admission now despite dodging it countless times in the past.

“I’ve heard you repeatedly say this is not a crisis and that the border is secure. I think this is the first time that you said that,” Guest said.

Mayorkas then pointed out that his admission before the Appropriations Committee would not be the first time he would use “that terminology.”

He was referring to his interview with NBC News host Kristen Welker, in which he told her, “It certainly is a crisis.”

He however rejected responsibility for the crisis and tried to put it on Congress, saying, “We don’t bear responsibility for a broken system. And we’re doing a tremendous amount within that broken system. But fundamentally, fundamentally, Congress is the only one who can fix that.”