Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley suggested that state legislatures would have to “tweak” abortion laws. According to her, this would help ensure that women do not have to carry nonviable pregnancies.

During an interview Sunday night, the GOP presidential candidate was asked about her disagreement with the Texas Supreme Court decision that stopped a woman from having an abortion even though the pregnancy was not only at risk but also dangerous for her.

“We had the Texas Supreme Court abortion occasion, really kind of a tragic case. Kate Cox, the Supreme Court ruled she could not have an abortion even though her doctor said it might jeopardize her ability to have children in the future and the fetus was almost certainly not going to survive. You disagreed with that decision by the Texas Supreme Court?” anchor Jonathan Karl asked.

In response, Haley said, “I think it is the right thing that unelected justices no longer decide this, and it’s in the hands of the people. I appreciate that Texas went more on the pro-life side. But as we go through this, listen, my heart broke for her because I had trouble having my children. These states are now going to have to look at these because what we don’t want to see is a woman with a rare condition having to carry a baby until term.”

“So that’s when a state corrects itself and says, how do we make sure that doesn’t happen again? We tweak things all the time as governors,” she added.

The former UN ambassador was then asked if the court made the right call in the ruling . In reply, she said that the court followed the law which “said that she couldn’t have the abortion.” However, she believes a change should be made to the legislation to ensure it support moms as much as it tries to save babies.

In her words, “The court had to follow the law. The law said that she couldn’t have the abortion. Now it’s up to the legislature in Texas to say, how do we make sure there are no more Kates that go through that? As a governor, you don’t just say, this is golden. When something happens that churns your stomach, you go back and say, okay, what do we do to make sure that we are saving as many babies as possible but also supporting as many moms as possible? It’s not as cut and dry as everybody wants, but states will self-correct to this. That’s what they do.”

Haley’s remarks come as she has avoided making a specific position on abortion laws, despite claiming to be as pro-life as can be. Former New Jersey Gov. called her out on this after she failed to answer whether she would have signed a six-week abortion ban as governor.

“You cannot be a truth-teller and say one version of the truth in Iowa when you’re in front of a very conservative group, and then when you’re here in New Hampshire, with a libertarian audience, a ‘live free or die’ audience, you have a different answer that you’ll think they’ll like,” Christie said of the former governor during a town hall event in New Hampshire earlier this month.