Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte blasted President Joe Biden on Friday for his lack of indecisive action over the border crisis which is impacting their states.

Speaking during a joining interview with Gianforte, Kemp said that every state has now become a border state.

He added, “When you have Joe Biden’s Democratic opponent saying, ‘This is outrageous and out of control at the border’; when you have Democratic mayors across the country that are saying, ‘This is outrageous and something’s got to be done.’ And the Republican governors, we have been standing in solidarity for well over a year, couple years now on the disaster at the border. I’ve been down there four times myself, the White House and Joe Biden just obviously doesn’t get it or they don’t care.”

Gianforte weighed in with some statistics, pointing out that 10 million illegal immigrants, almost 10 times the entire population of Montana, have entered into the U.S. since the start of the Biden administration.

“We’re seeing the implications here on the northern border. We’ve been arresting Mexican cartel drug dealers in the state of Montana. We are being overwhelmed. There is no word to describe this except invasion,” he said, echoing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s declaration of an invasion.

“The open border policy of the Biden administration is making every state a border state as Governor Kemp said, and it’s time for the administration to step up and do their job. That’s why it was not a question about whether you’re going to stand with Governor Abbott in protecting the southern border,” the Montana governor added.

Kemp made a call for Congressional Republicans to do all they can to secure any wins they can lay their hands on while Republicans push President Joe Biden to take action and bring an end to damaging policies such as the “catch and release.”

The Georgia governor then condemned Biden’s focus on stripping Texas officials of operational control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, suggesting that he goes to the border and see the destruction his inaction has caused instead.