A Maine state senator is warning about a radical agenda among progressives in the state to turn it to a blue state like California.

Speaking to Fox News last week, Senate Minority Leader Trey Stewart (R-ME) said that “Maine appears to be in a race to the bottom under Democrat leadership and really rivaling some of the historically liberal states on the West Coast,” adding that the historically purple state is also”trying to jockey for worst state in the country.”

Pointing to energy policy, Stewart stated, “You’ve seen Democrats really kowtowing and bowing down to the special interest groups, namely in the solar and wind lobby, doing basically whatever they want to do at the expense of Maine ratepayers.”

He then highlighted how parental rights are under attack in the state, drawing example from a proposed bill that would have allowed a non-parental custodian to take a child in the state for gender change surgery and other procedures without consent of the child’s parents.

The bill, dubbed LD 1735 was killed in the state legislature as Republicans kicked against it based on the risk it poses to children.

Sharing insight into the efforts to ensure the bill did not pass, Stewart stated, “It was a carryover bill from last year, garnered a ton of national headlines and opposition and, thankfully, because of that, I believe, we were able to push back in committee on that and put a spotlight on it. And so much so that the Democrats agreed with us to kill the bill in committee.”

Another example given by Stewart to prove how Maine has gone overboard is the effort to bar former President Donald Trump from running for president in the state. Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, barred Trump from appearing in the state’s ballot in late December based on insurrection claims.

But Stewart said that the decision is not consistent with the position of most of the state’s voters.

“Look, whether you like the guy or you don’t like the guy, that’s not the way that you beat him. If folks have an issue with Donald Trump, we live in a democratic society. You’re allowed to voice that opinion at the polls this November. You can make that choice to do something different, and that’s fine. That’s up to the people to decide. We will respect it. We will honor that decision. What’s not fine is to basically run a kangaroo court, which is what happened,” the senator stated.

Addressing decisions made recently while Maine is under Democratic control, Stewart warned that they have “rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way.”

“They really want to push the envelope as much as they can, and, like I said, they’re vying for the title of, you know, most liberal in the country and pushing their agenda as far as they possibly can, which is only going to hurt Maine people and, in fact, the rest of the country as well,” he stated.

The only way out, Stewart pointed out, is if a Republican candidate wins the presidential election in November.

Stewart’s chat with Fox News comes days after he and House Minority Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham (R-ME) raised alarm over the state’s increasing adoption of a “California agenda.”

In a response to an address made by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills, Faulkingham urged the governor to call on Bellows to reverse her decision to remove Trump from the state’s ballot and allow “people decide who they want to vote for.”