Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is challenging former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to a duel but this time, it is not about polls nor debates. This time, she wants a mental competency test.

During a Sunday interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” the GOP presidential candidate committed to taking a mental competency test if her top political rivals do the same.

The challenge came up when anchor Margaret Brennan asked, “So, Ambassador, you have made mental acuity a signature issue for your campaign for the better part of the past year. You’re handing out paper copies now of a cognitive assessment. When do you plan to take it? And are you at all concerned that you might turn off some older voters?”

In response, Haley said, “I have no problem taking it. And what I have said is, we need to have mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75. I don’t care if we do it for 50 and up. But what happened with Joe Biden this week and what we’ve seen with Donald Trump is another example of why.”

She then went on to emphasize the need for the tests, arguing that people within the age ranges of both Trump and Biden offer diminished value at best.

“These are people making decisions on our national security. These are people making decisions on the future of our economy. We need to know they’re at the top of their game,” she said.

The former U.N. ambassador took the rest of the interview to attack Trump for questioning the absence of her husband, Major Michael Haley, who is deployed in Africa with the South Carolina National Guard.

“It’s insulting to military members. It’s insulting to military families. And the part that bothers me is, he continues to do this. This isn’t personal about me and Michael. This is about what it says to every member who sacrifices for us. This is about what it says to every military family who sacrifices alongside of them,” she said, adding, “We can’t have someone who sits there and mocks our men and women who are trying to protect America. It’s a pattern. It’s a pattern of chaos. It’s a pattern of irresponsibility. It’s a pattern of just saying things that are not helpful in strengthening America.”

Trump had mocked Haley for her husband’s absence during a campaign stop on Saturday, asking why he has not joined her on the campaign trail.

In his words, “‘I will never run against President Trump. He’s a great president, the greatest president in my lifetime.’ She said, ‘I will never run against him.’ Then she comes over to see me at Mar-a-Lago…’Sir, I will never run against you.’ She brought her husband. Where’s her husband? Where is he? He’s gone. He knew, he knew.”