After three years at the Department of the Interior, an agency that has embraced far-left ideology perhaps more than any other in the Biden administration, Tyler Cherry has been promoted to associate communications director for the White House.

However, Cherry’s promotion came with a massive probe over his controversial social media past.

Back in 2015, Cherry’s tweeted on X, formerly Twitter, “Time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs.” He also tweeted, “Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases.”

Cherry also made a bunch of posts attacking white people. “Iowa is 92% white – why is it still first in the nation?” he stated in reference to timing of the state’s presidential primary elections. He continued, “Ah yes, Dems MUST cater to uneducated white men or be damned! Jeez Lousie.”

This might explain why Cherry suddenly took down over 2,500 posts in the last couple days.

Working in Interior, Cherry was able to post reels for “transgender day of visibility” earlier this year, which featured a documentary on LGBT inclusion in marine biology. Interior also held an “ally awards” event, in which bureaucrats conducted a “diversity poem reading.”

Interior also now has a number of different identity-based employee resource groups, the organizations within federal agencies that typically advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion policies or celebrations within the federal government.

Since the public noticed Cherry deleting his older posts, he’s since come out to say, “Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period.”