After New York Judge Arthur Engoron ordered former President Donald Trump to pay over $350 million and barred him from doing business in the state for three years, one of the GOP presidential candidate’s attorneys is promising that Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case against Trump, will not get away with it.

Blasting the ruling while speaking to Fox News, Alina Habba said, “I think the biggest message I can give the American people tonight is that he’s not going to get away with it. Letitia James is not going to get away with it; the Biden administration is not going to get away with it.”

Habba vowed that the legal team will “come at them” and “fight until the truth comes out.”

“They will not get away with it,” she added and went on to defend Trump’s innocence.

Arguing that he did nothing wrong and the prosecution and ruling are all a part of an effort to ensure he does not get reelected into the White House, she said, “President Trump has done nothing wrong. All he has done is win a campaign, and that is scaring them because they know when he goes back in November 2024. He is going to clean house, and that is truly the problem. It’s not about Mar-a-Lago’s worth.”

After slamming the ruling as “the new form of election interference,” she went on to add that Engoron’s decision will be appealed. Expressing confidence in the appeal’s turnout, she stated, “We will win in the appellate division. I have zero concerns about that.”

James accused Trump of inflating his net worth to access more favorable loans. However, his defense team denied making misleading financial evaluations, further pointing out that all loans were repaid and no one was hurt in the alleged financial fraud.

Trump was not the only one Engoron slammed with a fine. The judge also ordered his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to pay more than $4 million each and prohibited them from serving in top roles at any New York company for two years.

Trump himself has said that he will be appealing the ruling. Defending himself while speaking to reporters outside Mar-a-Lago, he said, “You build a great company. There was no fraud. The banks all got their money, 100 percent. They love Trump. They testified that Trump is great, great customer, one of our best customers. They testified beautifully, and the judge knows that. He is just a corrupt person and we knew that from the beginning. We knew it right from the beginning because he wouldn’t give it to the commercial division.”