Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is picking a fight with leftist judges who strike down Florida laws they have a problem with. During a press conference on Wednesday, DeSantis slammed judges like federal Judge Robert Hinkle in Tallahassee, who battled down a new law in Florida that protects minors from gender-affirming care, and noted that the state will win on appeal.

“This is wrong. And I would also say, this has already been decided by the 11th circuit court of appeals, they upheld Alabama’s law, which was almost identical to Florida’s law, this will be reversed. There’s no question it’ll be reversed,” he said.

“Think about it, when the founding fathers were creating the Constitution, and when the first Congress passed the Bill of Rights or even when they passed the Reconstruction Amendments in the 1860s, do you think a single person involved in that thought that there was a constitutional right to do this genital mutilation? It’s ridiculous. Of course, a state can protect children against this. And we have very powerful testimony how this is irreversible,” he added.

DeSantis went on to note that leftist judges constantly veto Florida’s policies even though the state wins on appeal “almost every time.”

“So if you’re not willing to defend Florida’s duly enacted statutes against liberal jurisprudence, then you’re basically saying the people of Florida shouldn’t govern themselves. And that we should just turn over our destiny to some trial judge somewhere. That I refuse to do, we are going to stand up for duly enacted statutes, we’re going to stand up for protecting the innocence of these kids. But I would say it goes beyond that,” he stated.

Pointing to the dangers of transgender procedures on children, the governor said that “there’s a lot of people that want to make money off that, consequences be damned, they’re lying in their pockets and they could care less about what’s going to happen to that teenager when they become 25 — which many regret and have big time problems as a result of that.”

Slamming the left’s attempt to whitewash such procedures as “gender affirming care,” DeSantis added, “You’re not affirming that, you’re trying to change their basic biology, which you cannot do. You cannot do that. You know, how you’re born is what you are. And so I think it’s about are we going to be rooted in truth as a society or not? And if we’re rooted in truth, then you would say, of course, you can’t do the surgeries, because it’s not going to take and transform somebody that’s a male into a female. So we’ll win that appeal.”

DeSantis’ remarks come after Hinkle, who routinely nixes bills DeSantis signs into law, struck down some crucial parts of Florida’s ban on transgender treatments and procedures for children.

In his ruling on Tuesday, the judge said that Florida “cannot flatly deny transgender individuals safe and effective medical treatment — treatment with medications routinely provided to others with the state’s full approval so long as the purpose is not to support the patient’s transgender identity.”