Former President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden of being “a great threat to our democracy” during a campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday.

Trump spent a chunk of his speech criticizing Biden, particularly on the border crisis that continues to worsen under his leadership. He also mentioned the killing of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was reportedly killed by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela.

“Laken Riley would be alive today if Biden had not unleashed his savage attack on America. And that’s what he’s done. But instead of apologizing to Laken’s family, Joe Biden apologized to the killer for calling him illegal. He shouldn’t have done that. We believe that Laken’s killer is an illegal alien criminal. He is an illegal monster. He should never have been in our country,” Trump stated.

The GOP presumptive nominee used that opportunity to appeal to American voters to vote for him.

“Not one more American life should be lost to migrant crime. We can’t have another Lake. When I’m President of the United States, we will demand justice for Laken on day one. My administration will terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration,” he said, promising to fix the disaster Biden has made of the border.

“Among my very first actions will be to stop the invasion of our country and send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home,” he added.

As the crowd roared in response to his speech, Trump further said, “Remember this, Joe Biden is a great threat to our democracy. He’s a tremendous threat to our democracy. His incompetence is the number one reason. Also, he uses the Justice Department, the FBI, to go after his political opponent, which happens to be me.”

Trump’s remarks regarding Biden apologizing to Riley’s killer is a hit at the president’s interview with MSNBC on March 9, in which he said he “regretted” using the word “illegal” to describe Jose Ibarra, the illegal immigrant suspected of Riley’s murder.

“And I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal,’ it’s undocumented,” the president stated, adding, “And look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about at the border was his, the way he talks about vermin, the way he talks about these people polluting the blood,” he continued. “And I talked about what I’m not going to do, what I won’t do, I’m not gonna treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect. Look, they built the country. The reason our economy is growing. We have to control the border and more orderly flow, but I don’t share his view at all.”