As Democrats are beginning to come to terms with the reality at the U.S. border, a top Democrat senator is calling for the closing of the border. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) acknowledged the worsening crisis in an interview on Sunday and said that lawmakers are getting closer to passing new laws to effectively address the issue.

“They understand that the border is broken, that glass ceiling has been broken. And we have got to stop this dangerous immigration that we have coming to our country from all over the world, Jake, things that we have never seen, numbers that we have never seen like this,” he said.

Pointing to the exploitation of a broken immigration system that Republicans have since raised alarm about, he voiced the need for increased scrutiny on asylum claims.

“You just can’t come and say: Someone threatened me. I have got to come into your country. You have to show me proof, have proof that this type of threat to you and your family is basically untenable, and you cannot live in those conditions. That’s going to change things,” he added.

According to Manchin, increasing the threshold on the definition of asylum will help officials “make sure we can adjudicate them faster, and those who came for the wrong reason or just came in for — basically because of the relaxed rules that we had, we can be more stringent and enforce that, too.”

He went further to call the increasing influx of immigrants into the U.S. from the border “very, very dangerous.”

“And I think you have seen the numbers and the countries they’re coming from. I have seen them. I’m very much concerned. It has to stop now,” he added, declaring that the U.S. is “sold out” and “over capacity.”

Manchin also predicted that a Senate proposal on the border could come this week that could unlock funding for Israel and Ukraine after Congressional Republicans have insisted on the inclusion of new provisions for border security in the proposal.

“And I think our negotiators right now from our Republican and Democrat negotiators, who are really diligent doing a great job and then basically with the White House involved, committed to getting this border under control. That’s what I’m really very hopeful for and I think we’re gonna see something next week and we’ll stay there until we get it done,” he stated.