In another boost to former President Donald Trump’s presidential bid, the Ohio Republican Party has formally endorsed him as the “right choice.” The decision was announced this week in a press release shared on X, with the caption, “The Ohio Republican Party proudly endorses @realDonaldTrump! #Trump2024.”

Alex M. Triantafilou, the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, expressed unwavering support for Trump, emphasizing his dedication to Ohio’s workers, businesses, and families.

According to him, Trump has “proven time and again that despite the unhinged and relentless attacks from the radical left, he will never give up on fighting for Ohio’s workers, business and families.”

Triantafilou highlighted some of Trump’s notable achievements, including brokering peace deals, renegotiating trade policies and promoting energy independence. He firmly stated that Trump possesses the leadership qualities necessary to reverse the course of the failed policies of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown, making a strong case for Republicans to rally behind the former president.

In his words: “Whether it is brokering peace deals, renegotiating bad trade policies, or making America energy independent, President Trump knows how to get things done.”

He went further, “The sooner Republicans can coalesce around the clear choice at the top of the ticket, the sooner we can focus on the challenge of taking back the White House, flipping the U.S. Senate, and getting our country back on track. While expressing appreciation for the other GOP candidates who made their case to the American people, Triantafilou concluded that it is “clear that President Trump is the right choice in this moment.”

This endorsement comes at a pivotal moment, with Trump maintaining a commanding lead in both national and state-level polls, consistently outpacing his challengers by double digits.

The endorsement is a significant win for the former president, given recent victories for liberal causes in Ohio, where voters approved a ballot measure enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution and legalized recreational marijuana in November.