Hamas is refusing to release a 10-month-old Israeli hostage and his family, as the terrorist group has transferred them to another terrorist organization in southern Gaza. Spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, Avichay Adraee, revealed this troubling development in an announcement late Monday night.


The family in question includes the innocent infant, Kfir, along with his 4-year-old brother Ariel and their parents, 34-year-old Yarden and 32-year-old Shiri.

In a post on X, Adraee wrote, “Children and babies under the age of one who have not seen the light of day for more than fifty days are being held captive by Hamas, [who] treats some of them like loot and in some places has transferred them to other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.”

“For example, the Bibas family, the two red-haired children ‘The Reds,’ who were kidnapped from their home in Nir Oz by a member of the Hamas terrorist organization (pictured) and are being held in the Khan Yunis area by one of the Palestinian factions,” the post read further.

The exact organization that has taken custody of them remains undisclosed.

The Bibas family is among the people abducted by Hamas during its brutal Oct. 7 attack on Israel, when the terrorists wreaked havoc in the southern region, claiming the lives of over 1,200 people. Around 240 Israelis and foreign nationals were captured and taken back to Gaza as hostages.

While there has been some progress, with Hamas releasing 50 Israeli hostages and 19 foreign nationals between Friday and Monday as part of a four-day cease-fire agreement brokered by Egypt and Qatar, the crisis is far from over as the group is still holding about 170 people.

Israel, in return, has released 150 Palestinian prisoners and increased humanitarian aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip, which has suffered since the conflict began.

Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend a four-day pause by an additional two days, as confirmed by the White House. The extra two days will see the release of 20 more Israeli hostages set to be released.