The former Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol dropped a bombshell about President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ attitude toward the border. According to Raul Ortiz, who served as the U.S. Chief of Border Patrol before retiring in May 2023, Biden did not speak to him during his two years on the job.

He also revealed that Harris, who was meant to be the “border czar,” also did not speak to him at all throughout his time as the Border Patrol Chief.

Ortiz made the revelation during an interview with 360 which aired on Sunday.

In his words, “I’ve never had one conversation with the president or vice president. I was the chief of the Border Patrol, I commanded 21,000 people. That’s a problem.”

Ortiz went on to slam the Biden administration for sending mixed messages to illegal immigrants and encouraging the influx of crossings at the southern border. He called for the U.S. to send a clearer message to migrants without a legitimate asylum claim will be sent back.

“We need to make sure that Central America, South America, Mexico, that those regions understand that if you pay a smuggler and you cross in between the ports of entry and you do not have a legitimate claim to some sort of asylum benefit, you’re gonna be sent back,” he stated.

Ortiz’s revelation follows claims by another former chief of Border Patrol that the Biden administration punished him for offering critical “feedback” on its operation of the border.

Rodney Scott said this during an interview with Fox News while expressing hopes that Biden will listen to advice from his patrol officials or rank-and-file. The former patrol chief, who became chief in 2021 under the Trump administration and departed the agency during Biden’s presidency, then revealed that he was not so lucky when he tried to offer advice in the past.

“I hope [agents are] free to speak openly. But I can tell you from my experience in the Biden administration, that was not the norm. If they speak freely, they’ll probably be out of a job,” he stated.

Asked if he had personal experience of his claims, he replied, “That is exactly what happened to me. I was following orders to a certain extent. But I gave feedback, and I told them where I thought things were going to go wrong – And they did not listen to any of the advice we gave them whatsoever.”

He eventually had to retire from the agency after getting “reassigned.”